Types of claim

Motorbike accident compensation claims

At Motorcycle Assist we deal with many different types of motorcycle accident claims from motorcycle crash accident claims to claims for accidents resulting in accidents or damage caused by potholes in the road.

Types of claim

Motorcyclist hospitalized after road traffic collision with another vehicle.

Motorbike crash accident claim

You may be an extremely careful rider and wear the correct protection and clothing, however, this does not change the countless risks motorcyclists face. Motorcycle accident statistics are continuing to rise and for many crashes, a vehicle will be involved. This is why Bike Crash Accident Claims are some of the most frequent compensation claims in the UK.
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Claim where there is no collision

It is often the case that a motorbike accident can occur without an actual collision - you may have been required to suddenly brake or swerve due to a road traffic accident involving other drivers. Therefore, although you haven’t been directly involved in a crash, you could still find yourself suffering from injuries as a result.
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Diesel spill accidents

Spillages happen on a regular basis and if they are left on the roads for any period of time they pose a huge hazard for drivers and motorcyclists alike. It is often thought that accidents caused by spillages are not liable to a compensation claim. However, this is certainly not the case.
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Pothole accident claims

The poor state of Britain’s roads means that potholes are the cause of one of the most frequent motorcycle accident claims made by bikers in the UK. If you have had an accident while out cycling and it involved a pothole or damage to the road, the good news is that you could be entitled to compensation.
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Road traffic accident claims (RTA Claims)

Each year, more and more Road Traffic Accident Claims occur as the statistics of motorcycle accidents continue to increase. If you have been unfortunate enough to be involved in an accident with another motorcycle or bike, Motorcycle Assist can help you with your Road Traffic Accident (RTA) claim, making sure you receive the full compensation you deserve.
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Transfer your ongoing claim

If you have been involved in a motorcycle collision or bike crash and have attempted to seek motorcycle accident compensation claims, you may have struggled to find a solicitor or company who are sensitive to your situation and specifically knowledgeable about motorcycle claims.
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Personal injury claim

At Motorcycle Assist, we don’t just specialise in motorcycle accidents. If you have been injured at home or at work, please don’t suffer in silence and give our team of solicitors a call.
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