Motorcyclist horrifically injured after motorike accident caused by 83-year-old
20th Apr 2017

A motorcyclist has been badly injured and has been told he may never walk again after a pensioner pulled out of a driveway without looking and hit him. The 83 year motorists did not pay due care and attention, when reversing out of his drive, and the motorcyclist is calling for elderly drivers to take extra tests to ensure they are fit to drive.
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Good news for a change! Motorcycle injuries and deaths on Welsh roads go down
13th Apr 2017

Welsh road accident statistics have not been pleasant reading with motorcyclists making up 41% of those killed or seriously injured in Wales. Accident data is released by the government, a few years delayed due to the calculation process but the recent 2015 figures show that after seven years of an average increase, year on year, of the number of motorbike accidents recorded resulting in injury or death there is an end to the trend.
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Two men hospitalised following early morning motorcycle crash
29th Mar 2017

Sadly there has been a spate of motorcycle accidents recently as more and more riders venture out on two wheels after a winter hiatus.
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Motorcyclist hospitalised following collision with a car outside a supermarket
23rd Mar 2017

A road traffic accident occurred between a car and a motorcycle on a busy supermarket roundabout. The accident happened in the morning just after 8am during rush hour and just as the supermarket opened for business.
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Biker suffers head injuries after rush hour smash
16th Mar 2017

A motorcyclist has been involved in a road traffic accident during a busy rush hour, which left him badly injured. Emergency services responded to 999 calls after there were reports that a man had been knocked off his blue Suzuki motorbike by a car.
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