Motorcycle riding tips

Motorcycle riding tips

Wear the right protective clothing:

  • A helmet
  • A long sleeved shirt or jacket, which fits closely around the wrists
  • Long trousers to provide protection from the hottest parts of the bike
  • Full fingered gloves to protect against abrasion and help maintain control of the motor bike
  • A visor or goggles to ensure good visibility is maintained and to protect the eyes from dust, wind and debris
  • Robust footwear for maximum grip, with no laces so they don’t become tangled in the pedals

Prepare your bike:

  • Check brake, coolant and clutch fluid levels along with hoses, lines and reservoirs for leaks
  • Check all levers, control cables and hoses to make sure they are in good working order
  • Check lights and electrics are working properly
  • Check condition of the frame, forks and shocks as well as the chain or belt for tension, lubrication and wear
  • Check tyres are correctly inflated and that no foreign bodies are embedded in the tread

Ride safely:

  • Take extra care on bends and don’t overtake if you can’t see the road ahead
  • Learn to brake properly and don’t use the back brakes alone as this can cause the bike to skid
  • Wear protective clothing
  • Ensure the bike is safe to ride
  • Drive at your own level and don’t take unnecessary risks
  • Don’t ride if you feel tired or unwell


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