Motorcycle accident safety app officially launches in North America

A motorcycle app that has been created by a Newcastle based company, has not only had success here in the UK since its launch last year, but has also got the backing of the Canadian 911 emergency services.

The clever app contacts emergency services following an accident and actually directs emergency services to the exact location of the accident using GPS technology .

The Newcastle based company’s chief commercial officer said: “We have gone live and we are the first motorcycle app integrated into 911 in Canada. We are now operating and we have people downloading and subscribing.”

The app is now the first to be accredited by both the UK and Canadian emergency services and was recently named as the winner of the People’s Choice Award at the [email protected] awards.

The motorcycle app works by allowing motorcyclists to input all their details about themselves and their bikes and then the app has a crash detection feature which is linked to the emergency services and it will connect the rider automatically and directly to the nearest ambulance service in the event of a motorcycle crash.

This feature could saves lives as there is often confusion following an accident and rural roads can be difficult to navigate or pinpoint exact location especially at night when there are no reference points visible.


Motorcyclist very rarely come off better when they collide with a four wheeled vehicle in a road traffic collision. The law of physics always prevail and sadly the rider is often the casualty being airlifted to hospital whilst the driver suffers minor injuries. If you have been involved in a road traffic collision either as a motorcycle rider or passenger then you may be entitled to motorcycle accident compensation.


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